New Update Available For Android Property Inventory Software


We’re releasing a new update for Android users of the iSurvey property inventory app. This update gives Android users access to the new offline preview feature that was released for Apple users last month.

Previewing offline means you can track the progress of your report accurately wherever you are, even if you are without an internet connection.

You can access the offline preview feature by clicking ‘Quick Report Preview (Offline)’ from the main menu within a report on the app.

Alongside this new feature, the Android update for our property inventory software includes several performance improvements to ensure your app runs smoothly and fast.

Important: It’s vital that you keep your Android platform, as well as the iSurvey app itself, updated to the latest versions to ensure there are no bugs within your system. Otherwise we can’t guarantee that the Inspector app will run correctly and you may encounter problems. See latest versions below for instructions on keeping these up to date.

To download the latest version iSurvey Inspector for Android:

Make sure you’ve previewed all reports and saved all templates to our server within your current app. (Please contact us if you’d like more details on how to save templates correctly).

Logout of the system (Settings>>Logged in As>>Log Out).

Delete the current app from your device.

Search for ‘iSurvey’ in the Google Play Store and download.

Login as normal.

If you have any issues installing the latest version or have any questions about saving templates, please contact your account manager directly or email

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