Regency Estates Automates With iPad Inventory Software

Regency Estates reached out to us a few weeks ago for some training on the Inspector property inventory app. They were having big problems staying on top of their inventory, inspection and check-out reports, and wanted to find a mobile solution that could automate their entire workflow.

After using the inventory software for a few weeks, here’s what they very kindly said about us, and the app.

Welcome to the club, guys.

“Before we found iSurvey’s iPad inventory software we had a major problem producing and We’re storing our manually produced inventory and inspection reports in an organised fashion alongside the photographs within our office systems.

The file sizes were too large to email, wholesale jerseys and indexing and cross referencing inventories was an wholesale NBA jerseys administrative nightmare.

We decided we needed an inventory and inspection package that would solve our issues, but one that was not so complex that our staff wouldn’t be able to use it, and that was designed to be used on the iPad.

After a Google Search we found discovered iSurvey’s iPad Jerseys inventory software. From our initial contact the iSurvey team could wholesale NBA jerseys not have been more helpful. They offered an initial demonstration, free credits for Dogs us to fully sample the software, followed by more in depth training for all the staff, which included professional advice on how to compile inventory and inspection reports to the highest standards.

iSurvey gave us sample reports to work with, and then branded and tailored templates to suit our working practices. This has given us a finished product that promotes an efficient, professional image to all our landlords and tenants.

iSurvey is so quick and easy Math to get up and running. With the minimum of fuss, our staff are Gifts using the software and sending completed inventories off to the landlord straight from the property, saving valuable office time. The ability to pre-populate an inventory before leaving the office and the ability to re-create a check-in from a completed check-out cuts down inventory time to a minimum, making iSurvey extremely cost effective.”