New Version of iSurvey Inspector App Available (With Bug Fixes) – Important Information for Users

It’s been a couple of weeks since we issued the latest version of the app and we’re grateful to our clients for their comments about the new Check Out report and other features.

Based on this feedback we’ve made a new version of the app available to fix a couple of small bugs and this is can be downloaded here for Apple users: or from the Goole Play store for Android users.

We also wanted to explain a couple of things and remind you about some time saving tools in the app.

Check Out Report

When you copy a Check In report to be a Check out with photos it isn’t possible to delete any Check In photos from the Check out.

We felt this was a reasonable approach which is fair to Tenants, Agents and Landlords as it means the person completing the Check Out can’t be selective about what to include or exclude – for example a photo showing a defect was already evident at Check In whilst claiming it is new at Check Out.

We do plan to enable Check in photos to be made full screen for closer inspection by tapping the thumbnail and will let you know once available.

Photo Orientation

Since the launch of IOS 11 a small number of Apple users have noticed that all of their photos appear in iSurvey reports in portrait despite the shot being taken in landscape.

This is because they have their screen lock on. You can turn your Screen Lock on and off here:

Time savers

Remember you can swipe between Rooms and Items to help you navigate round the app quicker

All Items can be allocated to one Condition Rating using the button in Inspection areas; useful for refurbs or doing the second inventory on a property that was new first time round

Room Copy replicates all Items in the Room (but not Photos or Observations)

Item Copy saves you time when there is commonality in a property e.g. colour/condition/type of Door, Flooring, Radiators etc