New Update and Features Available for iSurvey Inspector on iOS and Android

Great news – there is a new version of iSurvey Inspector available. It has lots of new features including improved check-out functionality.

To update your app please follow the below instructions:

iOS (Apple) users please visit and install version 3.0.0 by following the listed instructions.

Android users please visit the Google Play Store and search for iSurvey Inspector and install version 3.0.0 and your app will be updated automatically.

You will lose no data whilst updating the app, however it is always good practice to save all reports beforehand.

Here are some of the new features available:

New and improved Check Out format:

Very easily insert changes of condition of the property within ‘View Report Content (Offline)’. The default PDF is now a concise summary highlighting these changes, making it very easy to compare differences.

  1. When an Inventory & Check-in report is copied to a Check-out all sections now have a Check-out input section.
  2. Use the ‘View Report Content (Offline)’ to input all new data and photos.
  3. To add any changes to item descriptions and/or conditions, select the observation column and insert photo(s), responsibility & explanation.
  4. The PDF produced by default is now a concise summary highlighting these changes. It very clearly shows comparisons of the condition of the property between the beginning and end of the tenancy. This makes it easier to view any damage or maintenance work required. The full PDF is also available to download from the website if required.
  5. The tenants forwarding address details can now also be inserted in the ‘Tenants Details & Declaration’ screen.

(Note – if you want to alter the Item Condition rating options at Check Out – you can do this in Settings >> Report Types >> Check Out >> Condition Descriptions. Amend as required and ensure you tap Save. You will need internet access for this process.)

Improved Star Rating process:

You can now add a bespoke cleaning description within the Cleanliness Star Rating Section by tapping on the standard description above each star rating and inserting your own text using the keyboard or voice recognition.

There is a new option within the Inspection Areas screen labelled “Change ‘overall condition ratings’ for all items” allowing you to change the star condition rating as required across all Items in the Report. For example, you can move all from 5 star to 4 star at once, saving you a huge amount of time.


Updated features:

We have also added additional options to our current sections, allowing you to produce even more comprehensive reports:

  1. Appointment Details – you can now insert a property reference number.
  2. Inspection Conditions – a new boiler section has been added.
  3. Meters – a solar option has been added to the drop down list and also in all meter sections you can add an access number and supplier details.
  4. Keys – a set of keys option has been added to the drop down list allowing you to easily add details for a bunch of keys.
  5. Alarms & Detectors – the section title has been changed to allow a Heat detector option to be included in the drop down list.
  6. Item Colour – you now have the ability to add your own bespoke colour using free text or voice recognition.
  7. iSurvey Inspector can now be used in both portrait and landscape mode.


New photo features:

The photo quality throughout iSurvey Inspector has been improved giving you sharper images to view.

You now have a default option of either using the camera or selecting from your library when taking a photo.

When using the camera you can now take as many photos as required without having to leave the screen. A huge time saver.

To make the camera lighter or darker tap on a light or dark part of the screen and it will adjust accordingly; to zoom in or out pinch the screen.


To download the latest versions of Apple iOS and iSurvey Inspector:

  1. Make sure you’ve previewed all reports and saved all templates to our server within your current app. There is no need to delete the app as you will just be updating the current version.
  2. Make sure you’re running the latest version of at least iOS 10 (on your iPhone or iPad go to Settings, General, About, then check version number – you will probably have an update instruction waiting).
  3. On your iPhone or iPad, go into Safari and head to
  4. Click the latest version (3.0.0), select Install and the app will begin to install in the background, click the home button on your device to exit Safari
  5. If you are asked to trust us as a developer (on your iPhone or iPad go to Settings, General, Profiles and ‘Trust’ Property Inventory Management Ltd)
  6. Continue to use iSurvey.


To download the latest version iSurvey Inspector for Android:

  1. Make sure you’ve previewed all reports and saved all templates to our server within your current app. There is no need to delete the app as you will just be updating the current version.
  2. Search for ‘iSurvey’ in the Google Play Store and download version 3.0.0.
  3. Continue to use iSurvey.


If you have any issues installing the latest version or have any questions about saving templates, please contact your account manager directly or email

We hope you enjoy using these new features.

The iSurvey team