Improved Offline Preview Feature Available For Inspector Property Inventory App – iOS & Android

We are pleased to announce that there is an exciting new version of the iSurvey Inspector property inventory app for both Apple and Android platforms.

We have developed a new interactive offline preview feature called ‘View Report Content (offline)’. This allows you to track the progress of the report you are producing offline even more easily, and also allows you to update your reports as you go.

All text and photos can be inputted directly from this feature. All you need to do is select the part of the report you’d like to edit (meter reading/ inspection area/ item observation/ photo, etc), and the system will then automatically take you to the corresponding area within the app.

From here you can then input or update the information within the report.

Once the data/ photo has been inserted, press ‘Done’ and you will be automatically taken back to the Offline Preview where the report will have been updated.

This new features makes producing and updating reports much more intuitive and saves lots of time.

Important: It’s vital that you keep your Apple iOS and Android platforms, as well as the iSurvey app itself, updated to the latest versions to ensure there are no bugs within your system. Otherwise we can’t guarantee that the Inspector app will run correctly and you may encounter problems. See latest versions below for instructions on keeping these up to date.

To download the latest versions of Apple iOS and iSurvey Inspector property inventory software:

  1. Make sure you’re running the latest version of at least iOS 9 (on your iPhone or iPad go to Settings, General, About, then check version number – you will probably have an update instruction there if you’re using an old version). If you need more help with this, go here.
  2. On your iPhone or iPad, go into Safari and head to
  3. Click the latest version (2.8.0) and confirm that you trust us as a developer (if you have any issues with this you can find help here)
  4. The app will begin to install in the background, click the home button on your device to exit Safari.
  5. Open the app and login as normal.

To download the latest version iSurvey Inspector for Android:

  1. Make sure you’re running the latest version of the Android operating system. You can learn how to update your operating system here.
  2. Logout of the system (Settings>>Logged in As>>Log Out).
  3. Search for ‘iSurvey’ in the Google Play Store and download.
  4. Login as normal.

Remember, all of our updates are thanks to your feedback, so please keep letting us know what will make your lives easier!

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