New Features Available For Inspector Property Inventory App


We’re happy to announce the latest updates for our property inventory software, Inspector, on Apple and Android platforms.

Included for iOS is a new offline preview feature, which means you can accurately see how your report is progressing without needing to be connected to the internet. We’re working on bringing this feature to Android as soon as possible.

We’ve also added a new menu section within the app for both Apple and Android users for reporting smoke alarm and CO detector information more comprehensively, in order to comply with new regulations.

This is alongside general performance improvements.

Important: It’s vital that you keep your Apple iOS and Android platforms, as well as the iSurvey app itself, updated to the latest versions to ensure there are no bugs within your system. Otherwise we can’t guarantee that the Inspector app will run correctly and you may encounter problems. See latest versions below for instructions on keeping these up to date.

Offline Preview

To view the report when on site without internet connection, just click on ‘Quick Report Preview (Offline)’.

The benefit of this new feature means that you can show tenants the inventory report when checking them in allowing them to sign on site and removing the need to print out the report. The whole process can then be made paperless as the report is emailed straight to the tenant (client) by using ‘Email Report’ once finalised.

This feature will also allow you to view what was included in previous reports e.g. reusing an inventory for the next tenant move in, or a periodic property inspection. You can work room by room, quickly reviewing then amending any item conditions or adding observations and photos as required.

Smoke Alarm & CO Detector Section

In line with new regulations there is now a separate section to input details for the smoke & CO detectors present at the property. Just click on ‘Smoke Alarm & CO Detectors’, select ‘+’, and insert the location, whether they have been tested and photographic evidence.

To download the latest versions of Apple iOS and iSurvey Inspector property inventory software:

  1. Make sure you’ve previewed all reports and saved all templates to our server within your current app
  2. Delete the current app from your device.
  3. Make sure you’re running the latest version of at least iOS 9 (on your iPhone or iPad go to Settings, General, About, then check version number – you will probably have an update instruction waiting).
  4. On your iPhone or iPad, go into Safari and head to
  5. Click the latest version (2.7.1) and confirm that you trust us as a developer (on your iPhone or iPad go to Settings, General, Profiles and ‘Trust’ Property Inventory Management Ltd)
  6. The app will begin to install in the background, click the home button on your device to exit Safari
  7. Login as normal

To download the latest version iSurvey Inspector for Android:

  1. Make sure you’ve previewed all reports and saved all templates to our server within your current app.
  2. Logout of the system (Settings>>Logged in As>>Log Out).
  3. Delete the current app from your device.
  4. Search for ‘iSurvey’ in the Google Play Store and download.
  5. Login as normal.

If you have any issues installing the latest version or have any questions about saving templates, please contact your account manager directly or email

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