Android Update Available for Inspector Property Inventory App


We’re happy to announce the latest Android update for Inspector, our property inventory software.

The app carries over many of the features introduced in the previous iOS update, which help save even more time when producing inventory, inspection and check-out reports.

Here’s a round-up of what’s included in the new update:

Multiple select photos

Multiple select photos for Android means you can add photographs to your reports faster, and gives you the choice between either taking photographs as you go, or taking them in advance and adding them to your reports in bulk later on.

To use this feature, you must enable it within the ‘Report Settings’ tab of the app.

Save photos to device library:

If you’d prefer to use the normal iSurvey property inventory app camera, that’s fine as well.

To help you, we’ve added the option in Settings to save full resolution versions of photographs automatically to your camera roll when using the iSurvey camera. This means you can have access to originals, which could be useful in the event of a dispute.


Multiple delete items and photos:

Deleting lots of items and photos within reports can be time consuming over the course of compiling an entire document. As such, we’ve introduced a feature in the property inventory app whereby you can delete multiple at once. Just tap all the items you wish to remove, and delete all at once.


Room copy:

As enabled in our previous iOS update, we’ve now carried across the popular copy room feature to Android.

This time saving features allows you to copy entire rooms and their contents within reports – particularly useful in newly refurbished properties where most of the decor and fittings are the same room-by-room.

The ‘2 pieces of paper’ icon has to be selected to copy a room – all data is then copied apart from photos and observation text.

Swipe to next area:

In the new update you can now swipe between rooms, rather than going in and out of the navigation. To use this, just swipe left or right anywhere on the screen to move within the report.


To download the latest version iSurvey Inspector for Android:

  1. Make sure you’ve previewed all reports and saved all templates to our server within your current app.
  2. Logout of the system (Settings>>Logged in As>>Log Out).
  3. Delete the current app from your device.
  4. Search for ‘iSurvey’ in the Google Play Store and download.
  5. Login as normal.

If you have any questions about the update you can email

Android versions 3.0 and up are supported, although we recommend using devices 4.0 and up because of device specification limitations.

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