3 Quick Ways To Create Inventory Reports Faster When Using iSurvey

Our Inspector property inventory app allows you to create inventory, inspection, check-out and legionella risk assessment reports in the simplest way possible.

Top priority for our development team is ensuring you can create reports as quickly as possible, while at the same time providing a system that encourages reports that are fully legally compliant.

Since we all know time is money, here’s 3 quick ways to speed up your reporting process using iSurvey when out in the field.

Add photographs in bulk

One of the most time consuming parts of creating inventory reports is the process of taking photographs and uploading them to each individual item within the report.

The best way to speed up this process is to take all the required photographs for the area, and then add them collectively to that room using the multiple select photos from library feature, enabled in the latest iOS and Android updates.

The only downside to this process is that all the photographs will appear at the beginning of the room, rather than with each individual item and their description.

After this, you can then go into each area and add any required observations within the property inventory software.

isurvey photographs

Start reports back at the office

Another time consuming part of compiling an inventory report is entering all the background information of the property into the app.

The best way to speed this up is to compile this part of the report back at the office. Here, you have access to all the property’s information on your office computers such as full address, safety features, and number of rooms, and so it’ll take far less time.

We’d also recommend setting up the correct number of rooms for the property, and putting them in the right order within the app. This way you can get right to work as soon as you arrive.


Use pre-populated reports

This is the single best way to speed up the process of creating inventory reports on iSurvey’s property inventory app. Pre-populated templates, when set-up on your system, normally assume the following things:

  • Woodwork, ceilings and doors are white.
  • Fixtures and fittings within rooms are in an acceptable condition.
  • This may not sound like much, but if you’re entering this exact same information for 250 items within a report, you can see why this is such a time saver.

    Other normalities can be set-up on your account – just ask. Pre-populated templates also save time in that they provide a sense of uniform to your reports, prompting you to report on specific items and in a pre-decided order.

    On the app, it will look something like this:


    And on the report, it will appear something like this, before you’ve even entered any of your own information:

    isurvey report

    Then, you can add your own observations, photographs and custom descriptions:



    If you’d like to have a custom pre-populated template set-up on your account, be sure to contact us, or reach out to your account manager direct and they will be able to get one set-up for you.

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